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Product Questions

Do I have to use my Stuffastick® to fill the baguette?

The primary purpose of the Stuffastick® is to evenly and safely remove the bread core from a baguette. The baguette can be filled using Stuffastick® or by any other method such as a long spoon. We have found that using Stuffastick® allows you to get an even mix of ingredients throughout the baguette.

What is my Stuffastick® made of? Is it food safe?

Stuffastick® is made from food-safe plastic – which is totally recyclable.

Can I use hot food in my Stuffastick®?

Yes, hot food can absolutely be used in your Stuffastick®.

How do I clean my Stuffastick®?

Your Stuffastick® should be cleaned in hot soapy water. We suggest using a bottle brush which will ensure that any food residue will be removed from inside the stick. Stuffastick® is also dishwasher safe at temperatures up to 75 degrees centigrade. Stuffastick® is not suitable for industrial dishwashers.

I have particular dietary requirements, can I use a Stuffastick®?

Yes – your Stuffastick® is fully in keeping with all dietary ethics.

What can I do with the removed bread cores?

There are many ways to use up the bread core. Either cut into croutons to be added to soups, or blend into breadcrumbs for use as toppings. See our blog post for more examples.

How do I use my Stuffastick®?

Simply insert your Stuffastick® into the baguette, twisting to remove the centre of the bread core. Once removed fill the stick with your sandwich filling of choice. Slide the filling into the baguette and enjoy!
Click here for a detailed video on how to use the Stuffastick®

Shipping & Return Questions

Where is the Stuffastick® made and shipped from?

Our product is made in and shipped from the United Kingdom Click here for a detailed video on how to use the Stuffastick®.

What are your shipping and delivery times?

Once your order is fulfilled, we aim to ship your product the next following day. Your product will arrive within 3-5 business day (Mon-Fri), excluding Weekends & Holidays

What are your returns and refunds policy?

To be eligible for a return, all returned items must be in new and unused condition, with all original tags and labels attached. You will also need to provide proof of purchase. You can view our full return policy here.

I have a question that is not listed here, can you help?

Of course we can, please send an email to our support team [email protected] or alternatively, use the form within the Contact Us section on the website. You will receive a prompt reply to your query.

Our team is available on weekdays from 9AM – 7PM GMT!

Introducing our unique baguette filling utensil...

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